Whether you love ancient cultures, portrayed by the politics, language, sports, and philosophy or visiting ancient buildings and structures as well as enjoy beautiful beaches on islands, Greece is your little paradise that you can’t miss to visit. Greece is a country located in Southern Part of Europe. There are major tourist’s attractions and getting to know the best place might be hard for the visitors. You will have to sample all the destination which won’t be the perfect thing to do. The following are Top places that you should always visit when you plan to go to Greece.


  • Melissani Cave


This cave will give the chance to go gliding over the magical quality of ultramarine water of the uncovered lake in a boat all surrounded by the monumental walls. The cave is a small fig-covered island with a narrow passage where you can opt to look down from the cliff of the cave and get to observe the spectacular water and light from inside the cave.


  • Santorini Architecture


The beauty of the deep-blue water, multicolored cliffs, and amazing sunsets make the visitors love to come back again time over time. This is a perfect romantic destination where newly-weds prefer to spend their honeymoon and enjoy the paradise. From the cliff of the Volcanic crater, you can get Cycladic homes which are white-washed and have a chance to view and visit the blue-domed churches. When visiting Santorini Architecture always remember to carry a camera with enough memory since in here you can’t resist taking pictures.


  • Meteora


Get to enjoy the uniquely sculpted landscapes where you can access through caverns along with tall terraces which provides an ideal place for spiritual nourishment. This is the home of the Eastern Orthodox monks. This place is only accessible by steps cut through the rocks formations. This will give you a touch of ancient experience as you travel across Greece.


  • Gulf of Corinth


The Gulf of Corinth is a perfect destination for romantic ports, monumental structures such as Charilaos Trikoupis bridge, quaint towns, ancient sites and the soothing beaches all over the edge of Gulf. The creativity and engineering of modernity in the ancient setting will blow your mind. This is a perfect place to explore and get a chance to have a look at the Corinth Canal.

Visiting Greece will leave you wishing that you were born during the times when the country was built to see how the people of those days managed to build such amazing structures which continues to be mind-boggling even to date. When you think about visiting Greece, you need to know that the best time to visit the Greek islands and beaches is normally from late May to early October. At this period of time the weather is perfect with little amount of rains and sea warm temperatures that are ideal for swimming. The best time is usually the month of September, August and July.